Freepbx route incoming call to trunk

I am using the latest version of FreePBX on asterisk I have set up CLI routing successfully so that incoming calls go to different ring groups depending on who is calling.

When you get a SIP call from Voip. In the UK, your mileage may vary. The trunk config uses the custom trunk context to set the DID for that trunk. Two ways around this. Or better yet 2 It seems whatever you put in the usernameagain part of the string is what is sent back to you as the DID, so just put the phone number in there and all works as expected.

What happens when you order another DID from this provider? I also use sipgate, here in the UK - and had the same problem as you - the solution is to change the registration string, under the inbound section of the trunk config slighty to.

In your sip trunk there should be a registration string field. Change there the string as dailand said and try again. Simple incoming trunk routing FreePBX. Hoping someone can point me in the right direction.

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You meant CID routing, right? Once you do that, you should be able to route calls as you want.

freepbx route incoming call to trunk

Hi Dave Thanks for your timely response and advice.I first was under the impression that connecting a specific trunk to a specific inbound route would be something easy to do, but it seems that it is not the case….

There is a lot of theads about similar things, some explaining how to change the CID, but I still believe that there is a simple solution? I had two zap lines and just two extensions. By default it worked in catchall mode, I had to get help to change it.

I thought it would be simpler that way using the register stringbut if not, could you explain to me what are ZAP channels? These drivers, in turn, provide the ability to use interface cards to connect your PBX to traditional digital and analog telephone equipment:. Multiple people can all use ZapBarge to listen in on the same channel. Registration Register String: :. I believe there are somthing mistake, because incoming call from trunk,still go to the IVR as any other incoming call.

Please show me how can I fix this problem. How to "connect" a trunk to a specific inbound route? General Help. I first was under the impression that connecting a specific trunk to a specific inbound route would be something easy to do, but it seems that it is not the case… I just want that all calls coming from a specific trunk Trunk A to be processed by a specific Inbound Route IB Advices from more advances users would really be appreciated.

Thanks Gaston. Cliffster UTC 2. You can set the CID name prefix. Set the Destination - Extension. The system must be restarted for this to work. When we register a trunk, the register String syntax is supposed to be: login:password server. If it works well, it should be the answer to my need. He you ever worked with this? Thanks for helping, Gaston. Cliffster UTC 4.

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I will look for that log. Thanks again, Gaston.

freepbx route incoming call to trunk

Cliffster UTC 6. Cliffster UTC 7.With FreePBX 2. You have to do any digit modification in the trunk.

Sample Trunk Configurations:

On SystemB, I can dial and make a call. I want to be able to call from SystemA and have it go to SystemB and go out my outbound trunk.

I can see in the asterisk log that goes to SystemB. The log says:. The trunk on system B needs to be in the from-internal context to allow access to the internal dial plan and outbound routes.

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Trunk A receive sip calls from anonymous Yes, you can disable anonymous. I just want to make sure if this scenario is correct? My provider asks me to create a Voxalot account, then I create a trunkthey map my number to Voxalot, so I can receive calls!! I would really appreciate it if someone can answer me as this is the first step of using my pbx and I need to wait, as I cant reconfig everything again later. Route incoming calls to sip trunk General Help.

My need is to route incoming calls from Trunk A to Trunk B. Any help and guidance is much appreciated Thanks. Yes it is very possible. Sorry i forget, am running the latest version freepbx SkykingOH - can you expand on this a bit? I have 2 FreePBX 2. Thanks - jack. I set inbound route to trunk B, i can hear trunk B phone ring but no audio. Any idea where the problem is?

Yes it is a NAT problem. How is your NAT configured? Have you looked at the Asterisk SIP peer documentation? Thanks a lot and sorry for long story.Inbound routing is one of the key pieces to a functional PBX. Setting up inbound routing properly is a critical step in the deployment of a PBX system. Inbound routes are often used in conjunction with time conditions and IVRs. A typical setup will go from an inbound route to a time condition, then to an IVR or after-hours answering service depending on the time condition met.

Settings depend on installed modules. You may have more settings than are shown here, or settings may be missing. These two routing methods can be used on their own or in conjunction with one another. Leaving both fields blank will create a route that matches all calls. Routing is based on the trunk on which the call is coming in. Leave this blank to match calls with any or no DID info.

You can also use a pattern match to match a range of numbers. Within patterns, X will match the numbers and specific numbers can be matched if they are placed between square parentheses.

This field can also be left blank to match calls from all DIDs. This will also match calls that have no DID information. Routing calls based on the caller ID number of the person that is calling. Define the caller ID number to be matched on incoming calls. Leave this field blank to match any or no CID info. Normal behavior is for the DID route to take the calls. This allows text to be prepended to the caller ID name information from the call.

This is often used to identify where a call came from. Music on Hold MoH allows you to define the specific music on hold for calls on this inbound route. Whenever a caller is placed on hold, they will hear the music on hold defined here. This is typically used for companies that advertise in their music on hold and take calls in multiple languages.

The PBX provides multiple ways to route a call. This is the place where the desired call target is selected. On PRI channels, the carrier will send a signal if the caller indicates a billing reversal.

Configure your Twilio Elastic SIP Trunking with FreePBX - Part II: Receive incoming calls

An optional delay to have the PBX pause before processing this route.Call routing is the process used to route telephone calls across a telephony network. The process is the same whether calls are made between two phones the same locality, or across two different continents. Evaluate Confluence today. Session Border Controller. Page tree. Browse pages. A t tachments 0 Page History. Jira links. What is call routing Call routing is the process used to route telephone calls across a telephony network.

Three concepts to call routing Condition The outcome this routing rule is addressing. The condition statement is used to determine how the call will be dealt if the rule turns out to be true or false. Example: Action to be performed if true What action will be performed if the condition is found to be true. Action to be performed if false What action will be performed if the condition is found to be false.

Example: send the originator a service unavailable message.

freepbx route incoming call to trunk

Routing rules can be as simple as bridging between trunks, or as complicated as choosing from a different carrier due to costs of routing. No labels. Powered by Atlassian Confluence 6.Problem 2: When people call one of my numbers the call to go to a specific queue with a failure to my mobile number when no ext are logged in to queue - i cant test is at time as i have problem with adding the trunks.

Problem 3: As my call center have to queues, one for some service people and one for the clients, depening on wich type i want to call service people or clients i want to use the diffrents trunks, with the funny thing that on the trunk that i want to call clients i want to use another number. Outgoing calls and incoming calls are almost completely unrelated. Remember, in 1 above, I said that a trunk is your connection to a SIP provider.

The logs from the system will tell you a lot about your problem. Different Trunks and different outbound numbers are almost certainly unrelated. You want to specify the outbound Caller ID, which is different than what you are asking for. Once again, trunks are how you connect your PBX to your provider. It has nothing to do with numbers, Caller ID, or anything else. You need to adjust your mindset - your understanding of how the system works is different than how it actually works.

So what have i done wrong…? Each IP address should have one, and only one, trunk. When calls arrive over a trunk, the Direct Inbound Number associated with the call the number the customer dialed is sent to the PBX. You can have as many DIDs as your provider is willing to send over a specific trunk, I for example, about about 25 DIDs on one of my trunks.

These are handled by the Inbound Routes. Queues are the destination of your Inbound Route. When a call comes in a specific DID, the Inbound Route will send it wherever the route is set up to send it.

This is typically a queue, a ring group, or an extension or any of the 50 other destinations available. Note that you can also send calls to a specific Inbound Route using the CID Caller ID of the caller which allows you send your technicians to a different queue than your customers as long as you know their Cell Phone numbers. Queue failover is handled at the queue and is a function of setting up the destination correctly.

Laughing that is almost correct ;-D But doe you know to set things up for a trunk so at leat the PBX is reciving the the call?I would like to know if there is any way to get this done : I have calls coming in over a trunk and I want them all to go on a certain extension.

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I only know the possiblilty to set the DID or CID in order to filter calls for an inbound rout, but I do not know how to link a trunk to an outbound route. I do setup inbound routes, but I do not see how to set a source trunk. I assume you have an inbound route for calls from this trunk - if so, just change the destination!

Is it from sip provider? Thanks for your suggestions.

freepbx route incoming call to trunk

But could you be so kind and give me a hint concerning the custom extension or do you mean a custom trunk? PS : by the way, I have another nasty problem, that causes me even more headache, if you would have a suggestion, would be great :. How to transfer all incoming calls of a trunk to a specific extension? General Help. Hello all! Thanks a lot for any feedback. Regards, Fabianus. Thanks for any additional help! Thanks for any further advice.

Yedidyah UTC 5. How does this trunk get called? Hello Yedidyah! Thanks for any further support! Hi wiseoldowl, thanks a lot for the link!

This solved my problem!

What is the Inbound Routes module used for?

I fought with this problem since days … thank you so much. Yedidyah UTC 9. How do people call this trunk? This is the key question. Although even with out an answer what i said should work.

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